Thank you for choosing McCormick’s Pet Emporium as your Pet Spa! We take great pride on providing the highest quality grooming for your loved one. Here at McCormick’s we provide a stress free environment for your pet. We have three separate rooms for each service which are Bathing, Grooming and Relaxation Room. By providing privacy for each service we can offer a soothing and relaxing experience that both you and your pet will appreciate.

New Grooming Customers

25% OFF on First Bath or Groom or 15% OFF on two or more pets

NOTE : The prices below reflect an average price range. Prices may vary based upon breed, temperament, and coat condition. Restrictions apply.


Each Bath and Brush service includes the following-

* Bath and brush out

* Trim and file nails

* Clean ears

* Sanitary trim

* Express anal glands

* Clean eyes, face and around paws

0 -5Lbs 6 – 25Lbs 26 -50Lbs 51 -75Lbs 76 -99Lbs 100+Lbs Cats
$30 $40 $50 $60 $75 $90+ $50



Each Grooming service includes the following

* Bath and brush out

* Trim and file nails

* Clean ears

* Sanitary trim

* Express anal glands

* Entire body hair cut

0 -5Lbs 6 – 25Lbs 26 -50Lbs 51 -75Lbs 76 -99Lbs 100+Lbs Cats
$45 $50 $65 $75 $105 $130 $65

Spa Add-Ons

For when your pet needs more than just a bath!

Brighten My Day-Blueberry Facial Whitening Shampoo & Toothbrushing $15

De-Flea-Flea shampoo, deep coat conditioner, itch relief spray $15

Itchy & Scratchy-Medicated shampoo to relieve itching & rashes. $15

deep coat conditioner & rashes, deep coat conditioner

De-Shedding Treatment- De shedding shampoo and conditioner, plus $15

brush out with de-shedding tool

Spa Day and Play-Any dog who qualifies for our daycare can get $10

a full day of doggy daycare with their bath or

groom for a savings of $20!

De-Skunk Treatment-Bathing service to remove skunk odor. $25

*Add toothbrushing to any Spa Ad-On for only $5 more! Spa Ad-Ons are an additional service to any Bath and Brush or Grooming service.


Toenail Trim & File $10

Ear Cleaning $10

Anal Gland Expression $10

Toothbrushing $10

Nail & Ear Combo $15

Face, Feet & Sanitary $20